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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What area do you service?

We will travel anywhere Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, and New Hampshire free of travel charges! We will travel to parts of New York, Vermont, and Maine!

How much do you charge? Per Hour? Per Event? 

Check availability on the homepage and complete the contact form with your event details and we'll promptly send you a detailed information with our current specials and pricing! We don't charge per light, but rather, per event; we bring a minimum of 24 lights as anything less would not create the desired effect!

How much of a deposit is required to book your lighting services?

We don’t require deposits! The only thing required to save your date is a signed contract! There is, however, a 25% cancellation fee if you cancel with AT LEAST 2 months notice; 50% cancellation fee if you cancel with LESS THAN 2 months notice.

What if I want to change the event date?

You are required to pay the 25% or 50% cancellation fee, but that fee will be used as a down-payment towards your new booking (subject to availability).

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept Cash, Checks, Money Orders, PayPal and All Major Credit Cards.

When is payment due? 

Payment is due 10 days prior to the event date unless you want to pay CASH the day of.

Is there a late fee if we don’t pay by the day of the event?

Yes, there’s a $100 Late Fee for each month payment is late.

How many uplights are included?

The number of lights required varies venue to venue and on the package you book; we bring the necessary amount of lights to get the job done to your satisfaction. We do not charge per light fixture, but rather, per event. We bring a minimum of 24 lights.

What color do you uplights come in?

Our uplights are remote controlled and can be programmed to any color imaginable; there are over 1 million color variations; our 20 preset colors typically do the trick, but if you have a more precise color requirement we can program them accordingly.

Are your uplights wireless?

Yes. Our lights are wireless; you won’t see any unsightly cords; our lights are completely free of wires so your guests don’t have to worry about seeing tape and cords all over the place like other lighting companies!

Do your uplights get hot?

No, our lights are cool to the touch and never get hot!

How long do your uplights last?

Our lights last 6-10+ hours depending on the intensity of the effect you select.

How do your uplights create an “even wash”?

Our state of the art uplights emit a 120 degree beam of light compared to most lights that shine a vertical beam of light straight up; our lights don’t leave areas unlit like other lights.

What is a custom gobo/monogram projection?

A custom gobo is a metal or glass slide that goes into a special “gobo projection” light; the custom gobo can have your names, initials, date, image, etc; we provide a catalog with hundreds of designs!

Can I provide my own custom image for the custom gobo?

Yes, the company we use to create the custom gobos are great! They’ll design whatever you have in mind and even provide us with a “proof” before we finalize/process the design/order!

Do the custom gobo/monogram projections come in color?

Typically, the custom gobo/monogram emits a white/yellowish light; however, color gobos can be ordered, but they’re significantly more expensive; contact us for a custom quote.

Where do you project the custom gobo/monogram projection?

The custom gobo/monogram projection is typically projected on the dance floor, ceiling, or wall. Although many clients request having the gobo projection on the dance floor, it’s often NOT the best place for it with people dancing, etc; each venue is different; we pick the “best” spot based on your requests and the venue’s layouts.

Can we have the custom gobo/monogram projection moved throughout the event?

Yes, if you want, for example, the custom gobo/monogram projection on the dance floor for your first dance/dinner and later moved and projected on the wall/ceiling later during dancing it’s not a problem!

How do you uplight underneath the tables? Does it cost extra?

We can place our wireless uplights underneath dinner tables, cake tables, etc; you just want to make sure your venue or linen company’s table skirts won’t “black out” our lights. For example, if you have black linens then you probably won’t see our lighting under the tables. Lighting under the tables does cost extra, but we can provide you with a custom quote based on your ideas/requests.

How do you uplight centerpieces? What size centerpieces can you uplight?

We have 4” LED “pucks” and 7” LED “pucks” that get placed underneath the centerpieces. The centerpiece uplighting depends on the type/size/shape of your centerpieces.

For example, we can’t uplight centerpieces if you have dark rocks at the bottom of them; they work best with just water and the flowers. Contact us and we’ll be able to tell whether or not our centerpiece uplights will work with your centerpiece arrangements.

What color are the centerpiece uplights?

The centerpiece uplights are white; they are NOT available in color.

How much time is needed to set up your lights?

Setup varies depending on the package you select, ease of access to the event area, etc. We always arrive early prior to guest arrival to ensure setup is complete beforehand.

Do you offer any discounts?

We have various specials throughout the year; we automatically include our current specials.

Does a attendant come with the rental?

Yes. All packages include at least one on-site Attendant for the duration of the event to ensure everything goes smoothly, etc.

Should we feed and/or tip the attendant?

Since we are typically one of the first vendors on site and one of the last to depart, our attendants work 10-12+ hours per event between travel, setup, run, breakdown, travel home time so a meal is always appreciated, but not required. If you’re more than happy with our service feel free to tip the attendant; again, not expected. 

What if there is a mechanical failure during the event?

Our on-site Attendant will work as fast as possible to resolve any issues. We will provide a pro-rated refund based on any “downtime,” but our uplights are LED so there aren’t any bulbs to change, etc. Customer satisfaction is #1 so we’ll always go above and beyond to resolve any issues appropriately.

Do you have insurance?

Yes. We have liability insurance. Most event venues will ask you or us about this, but no worries, we are covered up to $2 Million Dollars.

Do you provide other services?

Yes, we also provide Video Photo Booth Rentals; inquire about our award-winning Video Photo Booth Rentals aka “Viral Booth” at:

I have a question that’s not covered here on the FAQ page!

Just email us at: or call (413) 237-2854 and we’ll get back to you ASAP!

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